With NYS entering into Phase 3, we are allowed to open the Bar and Restaurant portion of the Lodge. As of now, nothing has been said about meetings so that is still an unknown but will let you know as that changes.

We will open Monday, the 15th, at 2:00pm and hours will be as they were prior to closing. M-F 2-11pm; Saturdays 12-11pm; Sundays 12-9pm. These hours are subject to change and may be revised at a later date.

As you all know, there are strict rules we must follow and there will be no exception to these rules. Full rules will be posted at the Lodge and will be enforced. These rules include but are not limited to the following:

1-Seating will be allowed ONLY at tables inside and out. NO SITTING AT THE BAR. This may change soon, but as of now that is what we have been directed to do by NYS ELKS. This is NOT Liverpool Elks' rules so we have no control over it. We understand you can sit at bars at other places and that NYS says its ok but until our Elks tell us we can, we will have to follow their guidelines.

2-Social distancing will be followed.

3-If you sit at a table you do not have to have a face mask on but if you walk up for a drink (for example) you must put on your face mask.

4-We are limited to 50% of the maximum occupancy, exclusive of employees.

5-Maximum of 10 people at a table, if space permits. Individuals seated at a table must be of the same party but may be from different households.

6-Because we are limited to the number of people in the bar, it will be for members and their spouses only.

These are only some rules and there will be all rules posted at the Lodge. Please remember, these rules are for the safety of all of us and must be followed. Our license will be at risk if we do not follow the rules. So please do not ask the Bartender to make exceptions. Their job may also be at risk if they do.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the Lodge